Corporate and Staff Training

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These workshops, based on findings emerging from research on cognitive function, are designed to help employees maintain or improve the health of the most important organ in the body, and the strategies learned will become part of their personal tool kit for lasting health and wellness.

Workshops (90 – 180 minutes)

Maximizing Attention and Memory

Have you ever wished your memory was more reliable? Are you easily distracted? Do you have a desire for improved focus? Linda, a memory and brain health expert, will explain the role of attention, the limitations of short-term memory, and the truth about multitasking. She will help you master valuable strategies for improving attention and long-term memory which you can use immediately to meet everyday challenges and become more productive.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Emotions influence the way people act and react in the workplace. Developing skills in emotional intelligence helps employees communicate more effectively, manage stress, build stronger relationships, and achieve career and personal goals. As a result of participating in this workshop employees will develop an understanding of how the brain processes emotions and will acquire strategies to increase their emotional intelligence.

Maximize Performance and Productivity

A primary concern of today’s workforce is maintaining brain health, and current neuroscience research informs us about the behaviors that impact this. The demands of our work can be overwhelming, in part due to distractions caused by technology and a continuous influx of information. During this workshop employees will participate in activities to explore how the brain works and learn ways to stay focused and engaged. Employees will acquire practical strategies for improving attention and long-term memory which they can use to work more effectively and achieve objectives.


Linda is an engaging and interactive speaker. She showed great insight and provided real-word strategies, that can be applied immediately, to provide better service to our patrons and improve how we work with each other.

– Stephanie Sarnoff, Executive Director, Schaumburg Township District Library

It isn’t easy to maintain the attention of 35 experienced psychotherapists who have “heard it all.” Dr. Sasser succeeded with flying colors!  Interesting, informative, clinically relevant and entertaining, I would highly recommend her workshop on memory for the lay person and professional alike.

– Glenn Weiss LCSW, CADC, President, Arbor Counseling Center

Oftentimes, speakers that talk on more dense topics are rather dry, but Linda makes her presentation about the brain fun and engaging.  She is an excellent presenter for staff days and really helps kick our brains into action!

– Kate Hall, Executive Director, Northbrook Public Library


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