NEA Retired speakingKeep Your Brain Fit and Memory Sharp

In this educational and entertaining presentation Dr. Sasser will explore how memory works and typical age-related memory changes. She will teach her distinctive method of optimizing the brain functions of attention, working memory and long-term memory to remember names, information and tasks. Attendees will leave having learned simple activities to help maintain and even improve brain function.

Brain SENSE: Lifestyle Practices for Optimum Brain Health

Discover important insights about your brain, and learn the differences between everyday forgetfulness, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and dementia. You will discover the keys to living a brain healthy lifestyle to maintain and even improve brain and memory function.

From Memories to Memoir

Contemporary memoir, in which everyday people tell stories about select aspects of their lives, has become very popular. Writing memoir stimulates your mind and your memory, and has the added benefit of developing a legacy for your children and grandchildren. Join Dr. Linda Sasser to learn about various formats for telling your stories. You will experience ways to start creating your memoir and be inspired with ideas for continuing on the journey.

PAVE Your Way to a Better Memory

A reliable memory is so important!  In this educational and entertaining presentation you will learn how memory works and how to improve your memory to be more effective both professionally and in your personal life.  Dr. Sasser will teach her distinctive PAVE strategies for remembering names, information and tasks. 

Maximizing Attention and Memory

Have you ever wished your memory was more reliable? Are you easily distracted? Attention is the ability to focus and concentrate, and working memory is the ability to process information while remembering it. These brain functions are involved in almost everything you do, and can determine your success. Dr. Sasser will share the secrets of attention and let you experience the limitations of short-term memory and the myth of multitasking. You will leave knowing valuable strategies which you can use immediately to be more effective in both your work and your daily activities.


Linda Sasser demonstrates the very concepts she is teaching us by remembering details that she picked up while interacting with the audience prior to the presentation. The program was humorous, well organized, practical and interactive. We had a tremendous community response to Dr. Sasser’s seminar on Healthy BrainHealthy Memory. Over 150 people from the community attended this event!  We plan on having her back again.

– Christi Kronberg, Sales Assistant, Covenant Village of Turlock


The guests loved your presentation. They enjoyed your ability to bring humor into a sometimes-frightening situation. They also found the tips for improving and maintaining one’s memory extremely helpful. And we appreciate your incorporating the benefits of socialization, spiritual, and educational programming we offer here at Friendship Village. Thank you for sharing this informative lecture with us. I know you have already made a difference in the lives of those who heard it.

– Rosemary Newman, Community Relations/Events Coordinator, Friendship Village, Schaumburg, IL

The response I received from the residents/guests was very positive. Linda gave us tips we can implement in our daily routines. It went beyond medical explanations about the aging brain and gave us tools we can use every day to help us remember simple things such as names and where we put our keys.

– Amy Magnusson, Sales Representative, Covenant Village of Northbrook

I enjoyed your program very much, thought it was very comprehensive and included practical and immediately useful strategies for keeping my memory sharp. The acronyms defining the components of memory and the strategies to stimulate memory were especially meaningful to me. Thank you!

– Joan Spindler

Rave reviews! Thanks!

Dawn Stangle, Grand Dominion, Mundelein, IL

Inspiring – liked doing as well as listening.
The exercises were wonderful and sharing was great.
It showed me that I can write.
I’m anxious to get started.

– Various participants in the Memoir Workshop

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