MtMiguel263 cropMaintaining Cognitive Vitality

As a result of attending this retreat, you will learn about the marvelous brain God gave us and how it “does” memory. Dr. Sasser will discuss causes of forgetting, how aging impacts the brain and memory, and ways to distinguish normal age-related changes from possible indicators of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Lifestyle factors that impact cognitive vitality will be presented, as well as strategies for remembering names and tasks. Mentoring and memoir writing will also be explored.

  • Session 1:  Memory: Why We Forget and Age Related Memory Changes
  • Session 2:  Memory: How it Works and Strategies for Remembering
  • Session 3:  Brain SENSETM – Lifestyle Practices for Cognitive Vitality
  • Session 4:  Mentoring, Memoir Writing, and Memory Review


Dr. Sasser’s lecture series “Maintaining Cognitive Vitality” was like nothing I have ever heard before.  Since I am a retired nurse, working most of my working years in geriatrics, this topic was of prime interest to me.  I had learned about eating healthy foods, exercising daily, and continuing education but never about “Maintaining Cognitive Vitality.”  Dr. Sasser’s presentation is clear, understandable and attainable if followed, with results in successful aging.  I am anxious to hear her speak again!

Kally Klose, resident at The Holmstad, Batavia

Developing Your Spiritual Fitness Women’s Retreat

Physical health can be impacted by illness and injury, but godliness and faith can strengthen us and help us endure those trials. Disciplined training of our bodies will help us live healthier lives, while disciplined study of Scripture will train us in righteousness and enable us to live more Christ-like lives. God’s word tells us we need to do both (I Timothy 4:7-8). Many find the physical aspect easier because we can see and feel both the negative effects when we don’t exercise, and the positive results when we do. But the effects of neglecting or addressing our spiritual development may not be as apparent, at least not in the short term. This retreat is intended to help you develop your “spiritual fitness” so that your faith, and hopefully your witness, will be stronger and more evident. Session topics:

“Wait” Training


Exercising Your Joy

Strengthening Your Conviction

Raising Your Heart Rate


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